VG MUSIC LABEL (USA) приглашает артистов к сотрудничеству! - Ekaterina VG MUSIC LABEL (USA) VG MUSIC LABEL (USA) приглашает артистов к сотрудничеству!

Ekaterina VG MUSIC LABEL (USA) — VG MUSIC LABEL (USA) приглашает артистов к сотрудничеству!


My name is Ekaterina, and I`m the official representative of VG MUSIC LABEL (USA) in Russia and Europe. Our label is more than 13 years in business, but we're always looking for new and aspiring musicians.

Below you can find our web site and get some more information about business and service we provide.

We are glad to inform you about the possible ways of partnership with us.

We promote your music and monetize all of your digital content.

Looking to distribute your music to audiences across the world? Need some help monetizing your videos on YouTube? Let’s help you promote and monetize your media content across all platforms!

At VG MUSIC LABEL, we bring you professional and top notch music distribution designed to help promote your art to online stores. Our number focus is to ensure that all creatives are able to get their sounds heard. We utilize an efficient network of distribution to ensure that you music gets on all reputable websites in order to get the massive attention it needs. Our distribution and management services are unrestricted by genre as we have worked with musicians, bands and artists across all genres to help them find an audience and build a loyal following of listeners. We help push your art to your audience and give you a voice outside of the studio!

As a team of highly skilled digital experts, we also provide video content creators and bloggers with Monetization strategies that help them generate revenue for every piece of content they create. Having helped several content creators monetize their audience, we want to help you find the best way to generate maximum profit from your channel. Regardless of your niche, we create a tailored solution that helps you make the most of your platform. YouTube monetization can be tricky, however, we have navigated this terrain countless times and we want to help put you at the pinnacle of your niche.

Are you aware that you have a huge leverage to get all of the content you produce to a massive audience? We at VG MUSIC LABEL understand exactly how to deliver your art to audiences around the world in order to get you in front of the crowd. We play the attention game and we are absolutely excellent at it!

Contact us today and lets you distribute your music and promote your video content the right way!

If you are interested in distribution & promotion, please SEND your music LINKS or YouTube page by E-MAIL:

Sincerely, Ekaterina Dubinskaia.

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