VG MUSIC LABEL (USA) приглашает артистов к сотрудничеству! - Ekaterina VG MUSIC LABEL (USA) VG MUSIC LABEL (USA) приглашает артистов к сотрудничеству!

Ekaterina VG MUSIC LABEL (USA) — VG MUSIC LABEL (USA) приглашает артистов к сотрудничеству!

Dear sound producers & musicians!

My name is Ekaterina, I`m sound producer, singer & official representative of VG MUSIC LABEL (USA) in Russia and Europe.

We are glad to inform you about the possible way of partnership with us.

Below you can find the information that will help you to get more focus on what we have to offer and understand the concept of our work for a mutually beneficial connection.

We (VG MUSIC LABEL) are going to help you to get the money from YouTube (from your content, when money come from every click on your material.) This is not the money, that you make from your content, simply by uploading the YouTube videos on your page, as any other user!

Also at the expense of the label we are ready to place your video and audio content in more than 200!! Internet stores of the class of iTunes, Google Play, Apple Music and so on.

One of the most important moments of our activity is the identification and prosecution of pirates who illegally earn on your material, and cleaning up the Internet space from those. Also, we will send your content to more than 170 radio stations worldwide, and we will receive royalties for you from each broadcast, and will pay you.

We will also release you (with the additional agreement with you) in the assemblies, offer you concert-tour options for performances in the US, Europe, Canada, and the Great Britain. Also, we have the opportunity to help you to register your content in the US (copyright), and this is the only registration that protects your rights on the territory of the Internet space in the whole world. This service is not free, it’s for paid. The cost of this service is $ 200 US dollars. Also, you can register a service mark in Chicago and have an online registration document (the certificate for the state of Illinois) it cost 70 dollars, as well, we can help with the registration of a trade mark in the name of the artist around the world for the production of promotional items (mugs, cups, Alcoholic beverages, etc.).

It is done for those artists who want to protect themselves in all the ways, so that no one can be called by their name, or in any way damage your reputation.
In Moscow, for example, this service is very inadequate, they offer the same service for a rate of $1300 dollars!!!

The list of our services and opportunities is growing every day! You will be aware of all of the most fashionable and profitable trends and technologies in the segment regarding online sales, distribution, and show business in particular! The label willingly and with pleasure is always ready to share any information that we own (if this is not a commercial secret of the corporation). Plus, the label assigns each artist a unique number, which then goes to the radio stations and TV channels and help you identify yourself and get paid. The cooperation with the VG Music Label has obvious advantages for aspiring and professional artists and musicians. Also, we do pay commissions for the amount we received for our services with artists who came to the label due to your recommendation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.
We are glad to serve you and for you!

VG Music Label Team

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